The Inherent Gratitude of The Present Moment


In this video blog post, I will be talking about the inherent gratitude of the present moment. To start out, I would like to ask you a question:

Have you ever found yourself in a wonderful situation, but you still ended up thinking about what was missing or how the situation could be “better”? This is an incredibly common experience. We may have a great job, wealth, a lovely partner, and amazing children, but almost all of our attention is still given to thoughts about what we want to improve. We may be looking at a beautiful view and instead of just enjoying it, we often end up thinking, “This would be perfect if… my soul mate was here, it was sunnier, or I had my camera”. We may have a wonderful partner, and instead of recognizing that, we focus on how she can improve. Our minds are too busy thinking about what isn’t “good enough” in our lives or what “could be better” to be grateful and appreciative of what we have. This is typically the case even when we can admit our lives are wonderful.

Why you don’t experience gratitude in any moment

The only reason we don’t experience gratitude in our situations in life is because a thought arises in our mind that says “something isn’t good enough”. Once we believe this thought, it creates a sense of lack or insufficiency, and that feeling makes us want to change or “improve” our circumstances in order to try and make ourselves happy. Then we naturally start thinking about how to change our circumstances. This is the continuous cycle in our lives.

Why we experience gratitude

In any moment that we don’t have or believe our thoughts that say, “Something isn’t good enough”, what inherently remains is gratitude for what we have. Strangely enough, this is the experience we generally hope to achieve by trying to make life match our concept of “perfect”.

Gratitude is inherently part of every moment that we don’t believe a thought claiming “something isn’t good enough”. Our circumstances don’t need to match our idea of “perfect” for us to have gratitude. Gratitude is an innate and natural part of our existence when we aren’t giving attention to thoughts.

Positive thoughts aren’t enough to feel the fulfillment true gratitude

Many of us try to force ourselves to think positive thoughts in order to experience gratitude. That’s fine. But this isn’t true gratitude. It doesn’t have the same fulfilling quality. This is because these positive affirmations of “I am great!”, “My situation is wonderful!”, “I am so lucky to have my partner!”, are almost always just a layer of superficial positive thoughts placed on top of strong beliefs that you aren’t great, your situation isn’t good enough, and you wished your partner was different. Therefore, you will not experience real gratitude from just thinking something positive.

How to live with gratitude

But, when we stop believing our underlying thoughts about how anything is insufficient in THIS moment, we are left in gratitude. That is the experience of the present moment. And that is yours and everyone’s in every moment. The only thing keeping you from it is thoughts.

If gratitude is something you really want, you have to address the thoughts that prevent you from experiencing it.

Thank you for reading this post.