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My name is Noah Elkrief. Welcome to my video blog! Thank you for checking it out. I would just like to take a moment to introduce myself and my blog to you. Basically, after meditating almost every day since I was six years old, and really dedicating myself to that practice… my life drastically changed in the summer of 2009, when in one moment, almost all of my thoughts just vanished from my mind and barely attempted to return. That completely changed my life… because from that moment on, I’ve been left in almost uninterrupted peace.

What’s relevant you about this, is that from that moment on, any time I began to experience any unwanted emotion, I would immediately recognize that the emotion was created by a thought in my mind, and not created by anything about myself, my situation, or the people in my life. I would see this really clearly.

When I stopped believing my thoughts, they stopped creating emotions… leaving me in peace

Each time I saw the thought that was creating my unwanted emotion, I would instantly recognize that I don’t actually know whether the thought is true. Once I stopped believing the thought that was creating my emotion, my emotion would just instantly dissolve. And that left me with the inherent peace, freedom, and wholeness of the present moment.

On top of that, each time I stopped believing a specific thought, that thought would rarely ever show up again in my mind. That has left me with a predominantly silent mind and the virtually uninterrupted experience of peace, regardless of what may be happening in my life.

Anyone can disbelieve the thoughts that create their unwanted emotions… and begin to live in the moment

After about a year of living like this, my friends started to spontaneously open up to me about their suffering. And I was really surprised by the result. Somehow, I was able to help them to identify and stop believing the thoughts that were creating their unwanted emotions. Regardless of whether they were spiritual, religious, or atheist, each person would instantly see their unwanted emotion dissolve when they stopped believing the thought that was creating it. This was a really big discovery for me.

This website is here to help you experience the fulfillment you’ve been looking for

I’ve now made this website in order to help you to experience the inherent peace of living in the moment mostly by showing you how to stop believing the thoughts that are keeping you from feeling free, whole, and happy

So if you want to stop struggling with anxiety about the future, if you want to stop feeling ashamed about yourself or your life, if you want to stop worrying about what other people think, or if you just want to stop feeling like something is missing from your life…

Then you’re in the right place… all of the tools, tips, and strategies that you’ll find on this website are all meant to have a direct impact on your experience of life as soon as you engage with them.

So to get started, I invite you go ahead and download my free ebook on the top right of this page by just putting in your email address and clicking “download free ebook” button. Then go ahead and start watching my videos.

If you ever have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.






  • Marek says:

    Hi Noah, I’m sure you that know Eckhart Tolle’s book: The Power of Now. What do you think about Eckhart teaching? Greetings from Poland. Marek

  • noahe says:

    Hi Marek, Eckhart and I are pointing people to the same thing. We are both guiding people to inherent peace of the present moment or “the now”. We just have different ways of helping people to get to that experience.