The Impact Of Discovering That Thoughts Create Emotions

The Discovery that Changes Your Life:

Today I would like to talk to you about the effects of discovering that your emotions are created by thoughts and not by circumstances. If you are reading this blog post, you have probably already read/watched at least a few of the 6 ways to discover that your unwanted emotions are created by thoughts. But, before we get into questioning our thoughts and discovering that they’re not true, I would just like to stop here for a moment and talk about the effect it has on our life when we recognize that our emotions are really created by thoughts. This recognition is a big step towards freedom.

We lose our anger and resentment towards others when we stop blaming them for our suffering

As we go through life, a lot of the times that we experience some sort of suffering, we tend to blame it on others. We might think “They did that to me!”, “They are to blame for my unhappiness!”, or “What they did has made me sad!”. When we think that someone else is to blame for our sadness, unhappiness, or disappointment, then we are going to feel anger or resentment towards them (or at least judgment). As most of us have come to realize, it is not fun live life feeling resentment towards the people in our lives, whether that be towards our partners, bosses, parents, or anyone else.

But… if you can discover your suffering is created by thoughts, then you can stop blaming whatever person, action, event, or circumstance you thought was the cause of your suffering. This recognition alone can free you from a large amount of anger and resentment you may have had. It may stop you from acting hurtfully or unlovingly towards whoever we believed was to blame. It can make you more enjoyable to be around for your children, partner, and co-workers. And perhaps most importantly, this recognition can allow you to experience more love in your life.

We can stop feeling helpless and powerless over our emotions

Another effect of this recognition is that you no longer have to feel powerless over your emotions. Since we don’t have control over many of the circumstances or events in our lives, it often seems as though we don’t have control over our emotions and that they have been inflicted upon us without our permission. This can often make us feel as though we are powerless. We feel as if we are a victim. For example, if you got hit by a car and got injured, you may then think “Why do I have to experience this suffering and sadness!” as if you are forced to feel sad and suffer, as if you have absolutely no choice in the matter, as if you are helpless and powerless over your suffering.

But if you are able to discover that your suffering or sadness is created by thoughts, then all of a sudden you are no longer powerless. You are no longer helpless. You are no long powerless. You are no longer at the mercy of these external circumstances. You now have some control. There is now something you can do to stop suffering. You no longer have to believe that your emotions are inflicted upon you without your permission. And that can be liberating!

When we see that events don’t create our suffering, we can stop fearing future “bad” outcomes

The last effect I am going to speak about is that you no longer have to fear what will happen in the future. We often go through life in fear of what will happen in the future because we think that if something “bad” happened, that would make us suffer. For example, we may be afraid to love because we are afraid that our love will emotionally hurt us by rejecting us. But when you discover that only your own thoughts can hurt you, and that nobody’s words can hurt you, then all of a sudden you have no reason to fear loving others.

We may be afraid to pursue one of our goals because we are afraid that we will feel sad if we fail. But if you can recognize that sadness can only be created by your thoughts, and failure itself can’t create sadness, then you have no reason to fear failure. We may be afraid to do what we want because we are afraid that others will have a negative opinion about us. But if you can really see others’ opinions can’t affect you, and only your thoughts can, then you can do what you want without worrying about what others will think.

Nothing and nobody have the power to make you suffer… aaahhh we are free

The recognition that no circumstance, no event, no person, and no words have the power to make you suffer is an incredibly freeing discovery. It can help you to experience so much more peace and fulfillment in your life.

Thank you for reading this post! Please let me know what effect you have experienced from discovering that one of your emotions was created by a thought and not by a circumstance.

If you would like to disbelieve a thought that is creating one of your unwanted emotions, you can click the following link to try The 5 Steps to The Present Moment … or you can contact me for help.




  • CherylH says:

    I want to live like that! Through reading your article and watching your videos, I have been able to see that many of my emotions are created by thoughts and not by what I thought was causing them. Just like you said, this has helped me to stop blaming people in my life for my suffering, and it has gotten me to stop feeling like I’m helpless. So thank you for that! But I want more haha! I want this freedom of not fearing anything! I will continue to work with your material and hopefully get to that place. I just wanted to share that with you.

  • NoahElkrief says:

    Thank you for sharing that with me. I’m happy to hear that you have experienced the impact that I speak about. There’s no end to the freedom you can experience… the more you give time and energy you give to questioning and going deeper, the more you will get from it. Good luck!