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When you discover that a thought isn't true...
The emotion it creates will instantly dissolve

What is this website about?

If a random person tells you, “The world is going to end tomorrow”, and you believe them, how would you feel? You would likely experience fear. But if you didn’t believe them at all, then how would their comment make you feel? You almost certainly wouldn’t be emotionally affected. This demonstrates that when you believe someone’s words to be true, those words create emotions. But if you don’t believe someone’s words, those same words don’t have the power to create emotions.

The same is true of the words (thoughts) in your mind. If you believe a negative thought about yourself or your life, that thought will create an unwanted emotion. However, if you don’t believe that thought, it quite simply won’t create the unwanted emotion.

I help people to identify and disbelieve the thoughts that create our unwanted emotions. As soon as you disbelieve a thought that is creating one of your unwanted emotions, that emotion will instantly dissolve. As you disbelieve more and more of the thoughts that create your suffering, you will be happier in more and more situations, the more you will be living in the moment, and the more peace, love, freedom, wholeness, enthusiasm, and gratitude you will experience in your life.

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Who is Noah Elkrief?

After doing meditation practices almost every day since I was six years old, in one moment (in 2009), the vast majority of my thoughts vanished from my mind and didn’t come back. As you may imagine, this made my experience of life infinitely more peaceful.

I did still have remaining negative thoughts and emotions. However, once my mind had become predominantly silent, any time a negative emotions entered into my experience, two things would happen: 1) I could very easily identify a specific thought in my mind that was creating this emotion. 2) I could almost automatically recognize that the thought wasn’t actually true. Once I disproved the thought, both the emotion and the thought would instantly dissolve. As my negative thoughts and emotions would dissolve, my life became increasingly more free and peaceful.

This process was so helpful for me that I dedicated my life to investigating my emotions, and sharing my discoveries with the world. In 2012, I published, “A Guide to The Present Moment”, which was a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and downloaded by over 100,000 people. I started a Youtube channel that has accumulated over 195,000 subscribers and over 16 millions views. My video blog on this website has over 20,000 email subscribers. I helped over 1,000 people from all over the world to lose their suffering through 1-on-1 sessions on Skype and formerly from my Manhattan office.

The content on this website shares my discoveries that occurred between 2009 and 2014.

Is there anything else you want me to know?

The content that I share is not meant to be viewed as a theory or a teaching that you are meant to believe. My content is not meant to be viewed as philosophy or knowledge that you are meant to understand. My intention is to share explanations, exercises, and questions that can help to breakdown and disprove beliefs in your mind that create negative emotions in your life. I want to help you make discoveries that can have an immediate impact on your felt experience.

What I share may be incredibly helpful for getting relief from some of your emotions, and it may not help at all for other emotions. What I share may the most helpful thing in the world for some people, and it may not help at all for other people. If my content isn’t able to help you with your negative emotion, that doesn’t mean you are insufficient in any way. It means my content was insufficient or wasn’t the right fit for you, for this emotion. If you don’t agree with something I share, always trust yourself over me. I don’t know better than you.

You´re the first person who could silence the voice of my Inner Critic. Thank you very much.


I was abandoned by my family, then when it happened again with the love of my life, a part of me just believed (automatically) that I was unlovable and that I was not good enough, everything you have just said has wiped away 4 years of misery.


Your succinct explanations are very enlightening and have moved me from a place of sadness and despair to a sate of peace and laughter in a matter of days!


I am a woman that for a decade experienced a very burdened and heavy heart. Until yesterday. I have never experienced relief or insight or enlightenment before like I have now experienced because of you. You have taught me so much and I am in awe. Nothing else to say but thank you with all my heart. I feel very lucky or blessed to have found you.


You never cease to truly help in things I considered without remedy.


Wow. I just stumbled upon this video in a random search for dealing with depression and watched your video about that which led me to this one and I can not really believe how at peace I truly feel at this moment.


After our skype session, the guilt was gone. And I still can t find it. I feel open, strong and soft. Thank you for your clarity, I love that very much!


Since we spoke I’ve been sat in a weird state of awe and no thoughts are coming into my head, sometimes something might float in, but it drifts out almost immediately as if it can’t really survive in my head.


I was just sat in my office today & I felt myself nearly welling up with happy tears for no particular reason haha. An overwhelming feeling of peace came over me…. again. My heart is filled with peace & love for everyone & I love you for getting your message out there & how it has resonated with me & impacted my outlook on life in such a positive way.


I just want to thank Noah so much for our sessions. I am not sure what happened, but literally overnight, I began to have a big difference in my thinking and I have also felt better since then…like some kind of release from the heaviness and weight on my shoulders. He did more for me in one session than what has been done in 50+ therapy sessions with a clinical psychologist. He showed me that not only is he very skilled at what he does, but he also has a kind and caring heart.


I can not tell you how much you have helped me!!! My wife left me after 11 years and I was totally devastated. You have helped so much!! Thank you.


Thank you so much for everything. I felt very trapped in all these negative thoughts and now I feel like Im being set free from my own prison. This session has helped me more than I can ever ask for and the relief I feel is priceless.


I’ve been struggling with my ex cheating on me for a while now and haven’t been able to find freedom from the obsessive destructive thoughts over him and his new partner. Listening to you gave me enough a-ha moments to really feel at ease with everything.


I have found your insights and questions on all the subjects quite astounding. I have never thought that questioning my thoughts, as you recommend, could be so helpful. The questions seem to act like a pin bursting a balloon of unhelpful thoughts followed by relief.


It is difficult to summarize each and every wonderful way Noah has helped me. I used to spend countless hours thinking about the past and dreaming of the future. This was causing me to feel empty, miserable, blah, unattractive, heavy, unlovable, ect. His insights and guidance have helped me to experience the present moment and to feel at peace in pretty much all aspects of my life. I feel blessed to have met Noah. I highly recommend sessions to anyone who wants to experience true love and happiness every day. Thank you Noah!


I often get caught up in blaming others and my situation for my unhappiness, but Noah has done a great job at showing me exactly how and why I am the master of my own happiness. He digs down into the very raw layers of a feeling/problem/sadness that allows you to see the root of it clearly, and that somehow dissolves the problem. Noah has truly helped me to live a more peaceful life. I feel lucky to have met him and even more blessed to incorporate his teachings into my every day life.


Noah truly does not have judgments about me or anyone but only Love for all. Noah is so attentive, it is uncanny. His observations are so astute and precise during sessions. Like others, I blamed my circumstances or “unjust” people for my unhappiness, but Noah has shown me that it is really my thoughts regarding my situation that make me suffer, not the situation itself. Noah is a spiritual surgeon, armed with a finely tuned precision instrument – his attention in the Now. With an incredible ability to get to the heart of the matter, he dissolves issues at the core, so I can feel relief now, but also so that my issues stop reoccurring. Through his self inquiry, Noah has helped me to see life more clearly which has helped me to live a much more peaceful life. I feel blessed to have met him and to have gotten a chance to “unlearn” the conditioning that society has taught me. His guidance is priceless, and life changing.


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Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out my website. I hope you get what you’re looking for.


Noah Elkrief


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